Skilled Trades

The success of the journey from concept to reality hinges on one thing – the people. At Kings Rd we don’t let the little things go, and our contractors know it!

With an attitude that says, ‘near enough’ is not ‘good enough’ we have narrowed down the trades we use to only those who are as fussy as we are. You can be assured that if anyone is working on your home, they are one of the best.


We believe that trust is earned, not assumed. Our business has been built on referrals from people who trust us, and we don’t take that for granted. Builders are notorious for hidden costs and unreasonable add-on’s, at Kings Rd there will be no secrets. We want you to enjoy the process, and we will tell you everything you need to know from day one.


We live in the same world you do, and we know the frustration of dealing with poor communicators. We are available for you, so you will never be left guessing.

Unlike many builders, every member of our team is familiar with each of our jobs, meaning you can always get a hold of someone who can help.